Our Causes

Make a difference with every purchase.

ArcaNatura strives to provide natural, eco-friendly, safe and effective solutions to the many common problems faced by pet owners like you. By using ArcaNatura’s holistic products over traditional chemical-based ones, you are making an important difference in bettering our world and the health of your pet. ArcaNatura will give a percentage of its sales back to communities in need of support, environmental causes and animal protection.


 Animal Shelters

Help ArcaNatura Give Back.

We are currently hard at work looking to partner with the right animal shelters. You can help us identify animal shelters with high standards of care in need of support, especially no-kill organizations providing shelter, care, rehabilitation and adoption services to abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted dogs, cats and horses. Please contact us at support@arcaNatura.com if you have any suggestions.



Commitment to Caring.

The equilibrium between humanity and earth is constantly challenged around the world. We are familiar with what is happening in our backyards, but there are communities in other parts of the world constantly fighting to maintain their way of life and are in dire need of support.

The Arhuacos are one of the Indigene People in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia in the forefront of the movement for Indian rights in South America. They survived the Spanish colonization, but since the 1980′s, the lower slopes of the Sierra have been occupied by colonists growing marijuana and coca for the drug trade, and the mountain has since become a battleground between the army, left-wing guerrillas and paramilitary armies. Despite the Aruhacos’ peaceful nature, they have frequently been caught in the crossfire, and many Indians have been killed in the quasi-civil war raging on their land, forcing the inhabitants to flee to inhospitable areas. We believe their message and philosophy needs to be heard.