Liver Support Detox Supplement

Pet Detoxification

The animal body has effective and complex mechanisms to eliminate toxins. The mechanisms include chemical additives and preservatives, environmental pollutants, pesticides and insecticides, bacteria and viruses, medications and vaccine by-products and metabolic and physiologic wastes.

Today our pets are exposed to more harmful toxins and chemicals than ever before from food, household cleaners, pesticides, chemicals in plastics and even drugs. As pet owners, we need to aid the process of elimination by using these basic, simple and safe steps:

1) Feed your pet only with natural additive-free food.

2) Provide your pet with fresh good quality water.

3) Use only natural household cleaners, fertilizers and pesticides.

4) Do not smoke in the house as pets are affected by cigarettes and cigar smoke: pets are affected by cigarettes and cigar smoke.

5) Support the liver, the kidney and the skin function and elimination of toxins: the liver’s reticuloendothelial system is responsible for filtering toxins from the blood and removing them from the body; the kidneys are responsible for flushing waste from the blood and the skin of pets help excrete toxins.

Ingredients in our breakthrough liver detox supplement

Artichoke Extract

  • Hepato protective
  • Hepato regenerating
  • Choleretic: aid the secretion and elimination of bile by the liver
  • Antioxidant
  • Cholesterol and lipid lowering

Dandelion Extract

  • Mild diuretic
  • Choleretic: stimulate the production of bile
  • Mild anti-inflammatory

Figwort Extract

  • Alterative: support waste elimination by kidney, liver and skin and stimulate digestive function
  • Anti-inflammatory



  • Provides support to liver and kidney functions


Spray 1 ml (4 pump depressions) in the food each meal for every 10 kg ( 24 lbs) of body weight

Frequency: Daily for 30 days


Cynara scolymus glycerin extract ( artichoke), Taxacarum officinale glycerin extract (dandelion), Scrophularia nodosa glycerin extract (figwort)


Liver Support – Detox Supplement

  • 6 oz Bottle (180ml) with spray nozzle
  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store at room temperature
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Vegan