Omega-3 Supplement

What is Omega-3 DHA?

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that animals only synthetize in small quantities and therefore must be supplied through food or food supplements. DHA plays a crucial role in supporting brain function and resolving inflammation in animals, including dogs and cats.

The control of inflammation is important for many acute and chronic diseases such as dermatitis, otitis, periodontitis or arthritis. Traditional veterinary medications for inflammation only control symptoms and fail to treat the root of the problem. Recently discovered mediators derived from DHA (resolvins or protectins) play a critical role in resolving and healing inflammation.

Puppies and Kittens Learn Quicker, Develop Better Eyesight and Nervous Systems

Recent research demonstrated that puppies nourished with enhanced level of Omega-3 DHA were smarter and more trainable than typical low DHA nourished puppies. In other scientific studies, feeding diets enriched in DHA to dams during gestation and lactation and to the puppies after weaning results in the accumulation of DHA in plasma and improvement in neurologic development. Enhanced DHA level also helps puppies and kittens with vision development, optimal retinal function and visual acuity.

We use a quality and sustainable source from algae with a high DHA content. Relying on fish and fish oil as a primary source of omega-3 DHA has two major problems: toxicity and sustainability. The oceans have become more contaminated with industrial and human waste like heavy metals (mercury) and chemicals (polychlorinated biphenyl and other pesticides). Although it is possible to remove some of the contaminants from the oil, the developing nervous system of the fetus and the puppies and cats is very susceptible to even low level of these toxic contaminants.

Benefits of Omega-3 for Your Puppy or Kitten:

  • Brain Function: Pets learn quicker and are easier to train, enhancing the human-animal bond.
  • Visual Ability: Improved eyesight.

Omega-3 Keeps Old Pets Young

Older dogs and cats often experience a decrease in brain DHA, frequently resulting in disorientation, lack of responsiveness, uneasiness with visitors, disturbance in sleep-wake cycles and house soiling. DHA reduces these symptoms in senior dogs and may also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Mounting evidence supports that supplementation with DHA may be effective in combating such problems through several mechanisms including anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidative stress and neuroprotective properties

Benefits of Omega-3 for Senior Dogs and Cats:

  • Brain support for the degenerative senior brain
  • Eases arthritis and joint pain
  • Improved renal function (kidney support)
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Soothes skin inflammation/irritation
  • Joint and arthritis pain support
  • Cancer management
  • Calms pet allergies

Minimum Work, Maximum Results, No Pills

With its unique design, our bottle’s airless pump allows you to deliver pure Omega-3 DHA to your pet by simply adding a small amount of the concentrated liquid to their food once per day. No more trouble with pills; our liquid supplement is simple and effective. We carefully chose our bottle by design to prevent any chance of damage to the Omega-3 DHA from oxidation and/or light exposure. ArcaNatura’s Omega 3 DHA is also nearly odorless and tasteless.


Omega-3 Supplement Ingredients for 1 ml
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 400mg


Resolution-3® Omega-3 DHA Food Supplement

  • 30 ml airless pump
  • Keep in the refrigerator
  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Better for your pet, better for the environment

The DHA in ArcaNatura’s omega-3 supplement is produced from microalgae, a plant-based, vegan source. The supplement is free of any trace amounts of mercury, PCBs, and dioxins. A plant-based omega-3 supplement is more pure than fish oil for better health results and zero risk of feeding your pet chemicals laced from pollutants in the ocean. Pets, especially babies and seniors, are extra sensitive to toxins and should only be provided with the purest of supplements.

ArcaNatura’s omega-3 is also free of environmental concerns since it comes from a renewable, sustainable plant source. Overfishing, largely influenced by the fish oil industry, currently threatens to deplete our ocean of fish and important biodiversity.

By feeding your pet a sustainable supplement, you are taking a forward step in bettering yours and your pet’s impact on the environment.

-Pure, plant based, vegetable source
-No risk of harmful toxins
-No environmental damage

Omega-3 Personalized for Your Pet

To deliver your pet the Omega-3 nutrients, spray it on your dog or cat’s food just before they eat their meal.

Remember to always refrigerate the bottle to perserve DHA content; prolonged exposure to heat reduces DHA content.

Use #1 Acute

For resolving inflammation including dermatitis, arthritis joint pain, ear infections, or teeth/gums issues.

  • We recommend you feed your dog or cat a minimum of one pump per 22 lbs dog weight per day (15 to 20 mg DHA).


Dog/Cat Weight Dosage Number of Pump Depressions
00 – 22 lbs 200mg 1
22 – 44 lbs 400mg 2
44 – 66 lbs 600mg 3
66 – 88 lbs 800mg 4
88 – 110 lbs 1000mg 5
110 – 134 lbs 1200mg 6

Use #2 Chronic

For the development of central nervous system in puppies and kittens, and anti-aging brain support in senior pets:

  • We recommend you feed your cat or dog 8 to 10mg DHA per kg per day. See table below for correct dosage.


Dog/Cat Weight Dosage Number of Pump Depressions
00 – 44 lbs 200mg 1
44 – 88 lbs 400mg 2
88 – 132+ lbs 600mg 3

Clinically-Proven Results

Unsaturated fatty acid Omega-3 has a proven positive effect on healing skin, teeth and joint issues through several mechanisms that regulate the dog’s inflammatory response:

  • Boosts healthy membranes of every cell in the body
  • Decreases “itchiness” and improves joint function and mobility in pets with allergies
  • Affects lipid in the skin and promotes the synthesis of compounds like “resolvins,” which promote the resolution of inflammation and avoid chronicity.

DHA is one of the primary building blocks of the brain and is especially important for the development of the nervous system and visual abilities of the animals during last third of gestation and first 9 months of life. A supplementation of at least 8 mg/kg/day DHA should be used in pregnant and lactating animals for proper brain and nervous system development of the offspring. The treatment should be continued in the young animals for at least 3 months after weaning. Improvement in neurological development will play a role in enhancing the human-animal bond.

Brain DHA decreases with age. As they grow older, dogs and cats frequently develop cognitive dysfunction, a decline in behavioral condition including disorientation, lack of responsiveness, uneasiness with visitors, disturbance in sleep-wake cycles and house soiling. Mounting evidence supports that supplementation with DHA may be effective in combating such problems through several mechanisms: neuroprotection through the DHA-derived mediator, Neuroprotectin-1, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative stress properties.
With Omega-3, it is important to know that they are absorbed by the dog’s gastrointestinal tract after ingestion. According to clinical research, ArcaNatura’s Omega-3 DHA is present in the blood of pets immediately after daily administration.

Not all Omega-3 is made equal. How ArcaNatura’s Omega-3 is different:

  • High DHA content: ArcaNatura’s product contains 400 mg of DHA per ml.
  • Purity: Because of the potential contamination of fish and shellfish by heavy metals and pesticides, it is better to use DHA and EPA from phytoplankton cultivated in pure water rather than fish oil. Our DHA is sustainably plant-based and does not promote environmentally harmful overfishing.
  • Freshness: In all cases, the source of omega-3 fatty acids should be selected carefully as they are very sensitive to heat, light and oxidation. Fatty acid supplements should be kept in the fridge in airless and opaque containers. ArcaNatura’s Omega-3 DHA is supplied in an airless pump. High temperatures used during the manufacturing of animal food and supplements can also damage the Omega-3s.
  • Protection of the environment: using oil from cultivated phytoplankton limits the impact of overfishing on biodiversity in the oceans.

With Omega-3 it is important to know that they are absorbed by the dog’s gastrointestinal tract after ingestion. Resolution-3® DHA is present in the blood of dogs after daily administration.