3 Steps


    • Easy to use all full featured emergency kit that will help you use proven science to eliminate the odor of skunk spray by oxidizing the chemicals responsible for the strong odor.

3 Step Process

  • Step 1: Protect yourself by wearing the gloves supplied with the kit
  • Step 2: Mix the bags of baking soda and liquid detergent in the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and soak the area sprayed by the skunk. Wait 5 minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary.
  • Step 3: Wash the dog with the natural shampoo provided.
The Prolific Skunk

All six species of skunk found in North America have the same potent mean of chemical defense, the spraying of repulsive-smelling yellow secretion from the anal glands. When attacked or surprised by a dog for example they lift their tails and eject this liquid a distance up to 9 feet.

What happens on a chemical level

Specific chemical compound called thiols are responsible for the strong odor. To rid your pet of the smell it is necessary to change those thiols into other compounds with no odor by oxidation.

Standard Treatment Myths

Traditional myth about removing skunk smell is to use tomato or orange Juice. Neither have been proven to work scientifically.

Our Proven Solution

Skunk’d-911 is a full de-skunk kit that is safe for pet use. All materials included in this kit are either highly recyclable or biodegradable.