Science Behind our Omega-3

Resolution-3® Omega-3 DHA Food Supplement
Unsaturated fatty acid Omega 3 has a very positive effect on canine allergic dermatitis through several mechanisms that regulate the dog’s inflammatory response:

  • they play a role in the health of the membrane of every cell in the body;
  • they encourage the production of body chemicals that help control the intensity of inflammation in the dog’s skin tissue, decreasing the “itchiness” in pets with allergies;
  • they affect lipid synthesis in the skin and promote the synthesis of compounds like Resolvins which promote the resolution of inflammation and avoid chronicity.

Not all Omega-3 is made equal: Resolution-3® Omega-3 is different and that’s why it works

  • High DHA content: not all omega-3s are equal and DHA is the most valuable; most mammals cannot convert the other omega-3s like ALA and EPA into DHA, but DHA can be converted into EPA.  Arcanatura’s product contains 350 mg of DHA per ml.
  • Purity: Because of the potential contamination of fish and shellfish by heavy metals and pesticides it is better to use DHA and EPA from phytoplankton cultivated in pure water rather than fish oil.
  • Freshness: In all cases, the source of omega-3 fatty acids should be selected carefully as it are very sensitive to heat, light and oxidation.  Therefore, fatty acids should be kept in the fridge in airless and opaque containers.  High temperatures used during the manufacturing of animal food and supplements can also damage the Omega-3s.  We supply our Omega-3 DHA in airless pumps or gelatin capsules.
  • Protection of the environment: using oil from cultivate phytoplankton limits the impact of overfishing on biodiversity in the oceans.

With Omega-3 it is important to know that they are absorbed by the dog’s gastrointestinal tract after ingestion. Resolution-3® DHA is available in the blood of dogs after daily administration.

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