Resolution-3 Step 3 Directions


Product Directions

Resolution-3 Step 3 is an all natural liver detox supplement, that reduces skin inflammation and detoxify’s the blood.

  • In allergic dogs the liver is working overtime to handle all the histamine and other toxic materials created by the allergic response.
  • Artichoke and dandelion extracts help the liver to function optimally and detoxify the blood.
  • Cat claw from the Amazon rain forest and figwort extracts manage the inflammation and keep it under control.
  • Spray Resolution-3® step 3 on the dog food every day.
  • Spray 2ml (4 pump depressions) onto the dog’s food for every 10 kg your dog weights (See Table Below for appropriate dosage).
Dog Weight Dosage Number of Pump Depressions
00 – 22 lbs  2ml 4 Pump Depressions
22 – 44 lbs  4ml 8 Pump Depressions
44 – 66 lbs  6ml 12 Pump Depressions
66 – 88 lbs  8ml 16 Pump Depressions
88 – 110 lbs  10ml 20 Pump Depressions
110 – 134 lbs  12ml 24 Pump Depressions


Water, Cynara scolymus extract, Taxacarum officinale extract,  Uncaria tomentosa extract, Scrophularia nodosa extract, natural pet food flavor.


6oz bottle (180 ml) with spray
For animal use only
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a dry place and avoid excessive heat