Science Behind our Liver Detox

Resolution-3® Step 3 Food Supplement for Liver Support and as an Anti-Inflammatory
The food supplement combines plant extracts with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective activities.

Liver support and protection: in allergic patients the liver is overwhelmed and has to work overtime to handle all the histamine and other toxic materials created by the allergic response.  We selected 2 extracts that help the liver to function optimally. Artichoke leaf extract has choleretic activity (stimulation of bile production by hepatocytes), antioxidant and hepatoprotective  and hepatoregenerating activity.Useful for its ability to stimulate the liver (choleretic = increase bile production and cholagogue = stimulate the release of bile) and as a diuretic dandelion extracts also have hepatoprotective, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-inflammatory: as allergic (atopic) dermatitis causes inflammation that leads to itchiness, scratching and redness of the skin  it is also important to manage it and to keep it under control on a long term basis. Cat Claw is a vine from the Amazon rain forest that is effective in several chronic state of inflammation including chronic skin inflammation. It inhibits the production of the cytokine TNF-α,  a major contributor to chronic inflammation and suppresses the transcription factor NF-kB  which regulates a large spectrum of inflammation. Figwort is also used as a dermatological agent to treat chronic skin disease. The constituents of the plant extract inhibits the expression of the enzyme COX-2 and of the inducible nitric oxide INOS, thereby blocking the production of inflammatory mediators such as the prostaglandin PGE-2 and NO and limiting downstream inflammation, providing relief to the dog.

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