What Do Pet Lovers Think?

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Natural supplement free of odor and taste.

“At age 9, Ginger doesn’t move around as well as she used to. Though we do give her supplements, it would be wonderful to use a 100% natural product that we would feel more confident about treating her with…Since the Omega-3 supplement is odorless and tasteless, we have had no problems getting Ginger to take her medicine!”

by Henrietta,

Omega-3 helped Oscar’s joints.

“My dogs are the most finicky dogs you ever want to meet and when I mix this in whatever I am feeding them, they clear their plates in seconds. I have also noticed that their coats are shinier than they have ever been and my lazy little boy who suffers from hip dysplasia is more active than he has been since he was a puppy. He bounds out the door where he used to creep thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing supplement…”

by Jacqueline Rizk,

Juni is itching less!

“We’ve been using [the Omega-3] every day for about two weeks and I can already see a difference in Juni. She doesn’t seem as obsessive about her licking…I’m positive that the Omega-3 DHA Supplement is what the difference is. I would recommend this product to anyone!”

by Lisa Woodruff,

Voila! Ticks gone

“I discovered a holistic pet product called Tick’d Off. Once I located the tick, I sprayed Tick’d Off on it, waited a few seconds and the tick fell out. Viola! I was thrilled with this painless solution. The solution is comprised of 3 potent essential oils that kill the tick. The kit comes with a Tick Key for those pesky ticks buried under the skin. And because it was researched by 3 veterinarians, I’m thankful for the scientific research spent on developing a sound product…”

by Justine,

Finicky Chihuahua benefits from Omega-3.

“I’m usually a bit skeptical about products that are “all natural” or organic, because sometimes they are all marketing and don’t actually deliver what they promise… I’ve been using it [Omega-3] for about two weeks now, with one pump in his food (did I mention he’s a picky eater? – won’t even touch normal dog treats! What a weirdo) each day and I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in his movement, he even voluntarily goes up the stairs again! I guess you could say I’m a true believer now and I’ll definitely buy this product again.”

by Megan G. (GiGi),