What Makes Us Different

Naturally Derived

herbal/phyto veterinary medicine from ArcanaturaAll of ArcaNatura’s products are 100% naturally made and derived from renewable plants and contain no dyes, added fragrances or any chemical preservatives. As a holistic pet care company, we strive to provide our passionate, eco and health conscious customers with high-quality, natural herbal medicine.

Luckily, there is an almost inexhaustible source of natural solutions to help us develop our natural animal health products for your pets. We work hard to ensure that the natural products we develop are functional and treat the root of the problem, not just the symptom. In fact, our research has found that our natural solutions are more effective than other products that contain chemical active ingredients. What we do is so unique that we have developed an entirely new class for our products called Naturaceuticals®.

Herbal Veterinary Medicine

Arcanatura’s approach to herbal veterinary medicine is multi-faceted: Evidence-based, scientifically founded and clinically proven.

Medicinal plants contain a wide array of chemical compounds with complex interactions. Natural selection pressure pushed plants to produce some active molecules in large quantities but together with many variations of those molecules. This complexity can affect both efficacy and safety of plant extracts. For example, thymol, a phenolic compound, is quite toxic when isolated from the thyme plant, but when employed as part of the whole plant, it is a safe and effective anti-microbial and a cough suppressant.

Drugs are based on singular molecules acting generally very quickly. There are many cases where drugs can be the most efficient treatment, but animals and plants have co-evolved for millions of years, so it follows suit that the animal physiology has adapted to absorb compounds from the plants. With chronic and degenerative diseases, plant medicine allows the animals to participate in the treatment by choosing itself what it needs most from the plant to develop: a new balance. When treating your pet, you can expect a slower, but more long-acting result when using plant extracts, in comparison with drugs.

With herbal veterinary medicine, the quality of the plant extract is critical. Every step of the production including growing, collecting, extracting or preserving is important to guarantee the safety and efficacy of any herbal medicine. It is a priority for ArcaNatura to obtain the best quality ingredient for our products and to prove the most precise efficacy in clinical testing.

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